Quality Design Services, Inc. believes in Michigan.

“The humble heartbeat of America. In darkness and in daylight it drives the spirit and the dream. From poets to steelmen, dreamers & thinkers, rock & roll to Motown, this is America at its finest.”

About Us

The part that Michigan’s leaders had to play in the advancement of American innovation is much more significant than many entrepreneurs will remember. Quality Design Services, Inc specializes in Controls Engineering and Robot Automation and the origin of our expertise started with the innovation of the assembly line. Anyone in business would recognize the innovator of the assembly line, Henry Ford, but what most fail to grasp is the impact he made on the world. He not only changed the course of Michigan’s history, but he brought to life a viable solution to make anything in mass quantity. This was, and still is, the biggest achievement in innovation and efficiency in American commerce to this day.

To honor such ingenuity, Quality Design Services, Inc. builds our engineering team to stand by the ideals of providing good service. Providing automation solutions that our customers can rely on with the affordability that Legends like Henry Ford dreamed of.